The challenges of today are numerous. Perhaps you are considering the existential nature of life and looking for deeper answers. The time is right to respond to these challenges with the Buddha’s message of how to cultivate ourselves for true results, here and now. So, we are offering an on-line, retreat and residential academy that is experiential rather than academic. The curriculum is simple and direct. We are going back to the beginning with the conversation of what renunciation is according to the Buddha, examining fears we have around even thinking about that, how to lean into it to have a motivation to get off the wheel of samsara, and the resultant desire to cultivate ourselves; how to do it; the radical self-honesty that arises through effort and the joy in discovering our insufficiencies so that we are not perplexed, angry or feeling victimized when causes mature; the ability to self-correct and inherit the benefits of that willingness and the resultant accomplishment. These steps lead to true compassion for others (seeing them like we see ourselves), and ultimately the vast, awakened mind that “does not land here, there or in between” is revealed. This is the solution to developing insights, beauty and innovations we can contribute to help sentient beings instead of spouting empty theories and displaying egotistic behaviors. It allows us to enter the state of mind called “beautiful” connecting with beings on higher planes of existence who will support us in noble endeavors because of our purity and diligence, and take us one step closer to full awakening. We draw upon the classical suttas, sutras, various lineage methods and contemporary discourses of our vajra master that point out our faults so we can easily see them and quickly correct them. But the program is focused on people who are seeking inner spiritual transformation, not outer certification.