Self-Directed Retreats

Flexible Dates
Heartwood Refuge
Make time for yourself and your practice in a supportive and peaceful contemplative environment. Entering into a self-directed retreat allows you to design a program that best meets your needs and schedule. This could be an intensive silent meditation retreat, or it could be a more gentle meditation […]

Navigating the Bardo of Spiritual Acceleration

with Venerable Pannavati and Deepa Patel

January 18 - 21, 2024
Kanuga Conference Center
A four-day, three-night retreat led by Ven. Pannavati Bhikkhuni and Deepa Patel, at the beautiful Kanuga Conference & Retreat Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina, Thursday January 18 – Sunday January 21, 2024. This is a time of global spiritual renewal. To be useful, we must discover and activate methods for uncovering our own wisdom. Amidst the hatred, violence, and misery of our world there is emerging a deep shift from the language and energy that have carried us through past generations and ages. We are being called to a life of greater service – to return to the timeless wisdom…