Heartwood Refuge and Correct Cultivation Learning from Buddha Academy’s vision is to inspire and empower self-liberation in this lifetime. Our spiritual leader, Venerable Pannavati, has received teachings, ordination or empowerments and authorization to teach in all three major Buddhist traditions—Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana—and our center’s philosophy reflects this ecumenical approach to the Dharma.

Heartwood is neither defined by a single lineage, nor confined by any single sect or practice. Our retreats, refuge, courses, training, practical life, and social engagement in the world are geared not towards an outward show of Buddhism as a religion, but towards cultivation of the inner integrity and the development of being that the Dharma inspires. Heartwood Refuge may offer small retreats and includes a seminary/ residential option for more immersive study and practice. Correct Cultivation Learning from Buddha Academy holds Dharma teachings and classes multiple times per week.

Heartwood  is a container for non-sectarian practice, conscious living, and empowerment in service. You are invited to be part of this Western expression of compassionate action as it’s emerging—one derived from the rich spiritual traditions that shaped and pointed us to the Dharma. Together we can uphold multi-lineage wisdom and embrace feminine leadership. Together we can go beyond secular rationalization to true liberation.