Dana (the first “a” has a long “ah” sound) is a word in the Pali language meaning generosity. For over 2500 years these teachings have been offered in a spirit of generosity. Dana makes the teachings available to all who want to hear and practice without putting a price on them. The tradition of dana also expresses the interdependence of those who teach and those who receive the teaching. Teachers have relied solely on the generosity of students in order to freely offer the teachings.

To allow Heartwood to continue and the teachers to continue their Dhamma work, support from students is needed. There is no expected amount and dana is totally voluntary. We encourage you to support ours teacher and the continued sharing of the Dhamma by giving to the extent you are able and comfortable.

Dana is not just a donation. It is a practice of generosity. We encourage you to experience the good feeling that comes with cultivating and expressing generosity.

We appreciate your generosity and are very grateful for any support you offer Heartwood and our teachers.