Questionnaire for Ordination

Knowing all the rules or exactly what the “holy life” entails is not a condition of going forth as a monastic.  The principal condition is a heartfelt call to attaining the fruit of spiritual life as a one’s primary aspiration.  Other requirements are:

  • willingness to relinquish ones views to the process and explore a non individualistic way of living in the world.
  • self-examination in light of the teachings of the Dharma, striving for ones own mastery.
  • respect for the giver of the Dharma, their spiritual friend, and the Bhikkuni (Bhikshuni) Sangha as a whole
  • willingness to undergo a period of tutelage with honest intent and integrity are primary factors that further one’s growth.

If you are intending to take refuge and guidance under a teacher other than Venerable Pannavati and Pannadipa,  your monastic teacher must send a separate nomination letter of request and recommendation directly to [email protected]  on your behalf.  The letter must indicate your fitness and attest that you have agreed to return to your teacher’s domicile and remain under their tutelage for at least 2 years.

Please complete the following questionnaire, submit and wait for response from Heartwood before completing registration. Thank you for your interest in ordaining.

Please do not make arrangements to come to Heartwood for this ordination until your request has been received and approved by Venerable Pannavati.

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